Our Story

Our church began on July 27, 2003, led by Pastor Daniel Im and his wife Sue Im. We started as a branch of Berkland Baptist Church, with a vision to share the Gospel with college students and working professionals in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Berkland Baptist Church was founded by Pastor Paul and his wife Rebekah Kim in 1981 on the border of Berkeley and Oakland, CA (hence the name “Berkland”). Over the years, God blessed the Berkland family through the planting of world-wide missions and many churches, including our church in West LA. After 25 years of ministry, God led us to new challenges as each branch church now serves independently, utilizing their unique gifts and talents for the Gospel.

On January 7, 2007, our church in West LA took on the new name, Life Baptist Church (LBC), with a renewed commitment to live out Jesus’ Great Commandment – to love God and love one another – as well as His Great Commission – to make disciples of all nations. Wherever you are in your journey, we pray that you may find life in Christ and life together with us at LBC.