Middle & High School: 6-12th Grade
Sundays: 3-5 PM, First Fridays: 6:30-10PM

Think back to the age when you felt most vulnerable … when you were constantly asking yourself “Who am I anyway?” … when you wanted to be treated as an adult but at the same time had fears of the responsibilities that would entail. Our group consists of students from 6th to 12th grade, and we’re focused on helping students through these tumultuous times through a mixture of fun, love, and teaching. Many of them are just beginning to face new challenges and opportunities, as well as questions about Christianity and the Bible. Our goal is to help students gain a fuller and more mature understanding of the Bible, and to see that Christianity is indeed the truth and relevant to their lives.

The youth group Bible study meets weekly with enthusiastic teachers who care. See if your teenager can keep up with their energy and enthusiasm.